Bleak climate change outlook

New study predicts decades-long mega-drought sparked by temperature increases

Even in a best-case scenario, droughts will be more than twice as bad in cities such as Almería and Málaga, the report concluded

By Richard Torné

Almería and the rest of south eastern Spain will be pushed beyond breaking point as a result of severe droughts brought on by climate change, according to a new report by the University of Newcastle.

The 11-page landmark study, titled ‘Future heat-waves, droughts and floods in 571 European cities’, paints a grim picture for Europe – and an even worse one for Spain’s south coastal areas.

It predicted heat wave days increasing and that droughts would become longer and more frequent in the Mediterranean region.

It concluded that many of the cities, including those along the south and south-east coast of Spain, will experience droughts “up to 14 times worse” than the worst ones on record.


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