Almería fastest growing province in region

But economy will not expand as much as it did last year

Small boutique hotels such as the MC San Jose (pictured) are helping to drive an expansion of the tourism sector

By David Jackson

Almería will remain the fastest growing province in the region of Andalucía this year, despite a slowdown in the rate of expansion, according to an interim report by the regional government.

Although Andalucía as a whole will grow by 2.8 per cent, Almería is expected to see its economy expand by 3.3 per cent over the course of 2017. This is a drop from the 4.3 per cent recorded over the whole of 2016.

The growth is being driven by an increase in agricultural exports and foreign tourism. Economists from the University of Málaga however warn that the improved economy is still not being felt by individual citizens.

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