Albox town hall to go solar

Solar panels similar to these will provide energy for Albox town hall - but not during peak times

By Richard Torné

Albox council is set to become the first local authority in the province to rely on solar energy to power its town hall building.

Work to install 38 solar panels will commence next month and be completed by June at a cost of some €26,850, the council revealed this week.

It cited lower C02 emissions and electricity bills, as well as a desire to increase public awareness in the use of renewable energy sources as the reasons for going ahead with the project.

In a statement the council said the panels would provide “all the energy needed at the town hall…365 days a year”, with mayor Rogelio Mena adding that the electricity generated would not come from fossil fuels.

However, the council admitted the building will remain connected to the existing grid and use the conventional electricity supply during peak demand and “on cloudy days”.

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