Sparkling wine from Tarragona


Yes, I agree. I am writing a lot of sparkling articles these days – thank you.
Oh, sorry, I see, it wasn’t a compliment, more of a comment about the number of ‘Cork Talks’ that involve sparkling wines! Well, apologies if you are all but fizzed-out, but please indulge me this one more time (for now).
I write this time, not about Cava, love it though I do. This article is an acknowledgment of the fact that here in Spain, whilst there are of course wonderful Cavas, there are also excellent sparkling wines, that for a number of reasons, are not allowed to be called Cava. Such wines are made in the same way, ‘Método tradicional’ (the traditional method, ie the same way in which Champagne is made, by a second fermentation in the bottle), and are therefore often similar in style, even in aroma and flavour. Plus, they are usually extremely good value for money.

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