Putting the ‘boot’ in


I know it must have been a terrible shock for Bodegas Fariña when, after months of deliberation and soul-searching, their export director tendered its resignation.
Despite her youth, Nicola Thornton had been with the company for many years, and had been taken to the hearts of the Fariña family in DO Toro, almost to the point of being adopted into this proud family with such a wine-making history.
The emotional break for both parties must have been traumatic – and for Bodegas Fariña this will also have been a potential business tragedy too. Since arriving at Bodegas Fariña, Nicola has opened up 60 (yes, sixty!) new international markets for their wines, in both of the world’s hemispheres in countries as diverse as Brazil and Japan, to name just two.
The reason for the break? Well, simply, after a job so well done, a desire to work for herself. Nicola wants to leave something for her children to carry on with after her, as yet long-off, retirement. There was of course, no falling out and I’m sure that she went with Fariña’s blessing, after they had no doubt implored her to stay, probably also offering to fill her so well travelled cases with gold, if she’d only stay!


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