DOP Bullas takes its place on both national & international stages


My third opportunity to visit and taste the wines of DOP Bullas occurred recently when I was once again invited to join the panel of their annual wine competition, Muestra DOP Bullas. It’s an honour to receive such an invitation and I was delighted to accept!
It’s as ironic as it is anomalous – despite DOP Bullas’ wines being appreciated in lots of different countries across the world, now, sales in Spain itself are pitifully low! In fact, I would hazard an educated guess and say that it is probably ex-pats like ourselves who are the principal buyers here in Spain, rather than the Spanish, with the exception of local Bullas people, who know they are onto a good thing!
Well, my predictions from earlier visits have come to pass – to a point. Export sales continue to rise as bodegas are setting aside budgets to take their wines to the marketplace. There are signs too that sales on the Iberian Peninsula are also on the up, though more slowly. Plus, significantly of course, there are encouraging signs in the tasting rooms of the bodegas. DOP Bullas wines rock – and I urge you to try them!
Put simply, DOP Bullas has arrived!

Please go to and click on Events for the full list of DOP Bullas Medal Winners!
Next Fine Wine & Gourmet Dine Programme Sunday 9th April, 18:00 – 20:00 hrs.

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