A Somm enchanted evening?


I took it as a compliment, rather than a threat, when I was recently asked to consult on a wine matter for inclusion in an author’s second novel! Woodrow McKane is a well-respected 6th Dan Martial Arts Instructor in the UK, and he’d just made me an offer I couldn’t refuse! As you can imagine, for both reasons, I accepted with alacrity!
In one of the chapters of the new, as yet unnamed, sequel to, ‘Slayers of the Dark Web’ (available on Amazon, I’ve bought a copy for my Kindle!), some of McKane’s characters find themselves in a, presumably, rather upmarket restaurant. I’ll not give anything away, of course, but there is a sommelier involved and his part in proceedings on which I was asked to comment (sorry ladies, I believe the Somm in this case, coincidentally, is a man, though I know that these days there are many of the fairer sex undertaking this line of work with a certain feminine and elegantly, successful aplomb!).

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