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Business opportunities

BUSINESS SERVICES Everything you need for individual and small businesses, social media, marketing, cards, logos, flyers. info@vir tusbusinesscentre.com


2011 OPPORTUNITIES full/part-time work with a successful international company. Home based. Patricia Tel: 952 584 534. patroys pain@gmail.com

CONSULTANTS and Managers needed for expanding direct selling company. Contact Kirstene 678 794 483


Liberty Seguros. Special rates for over 50’s . Motor, home, business, communities, golf etc. Call free quotation,952 790 534, anthonylader man@gmail.com

INSURANCE FOR EX-PATS Cheapest and most comprehensive. Don’t delay, call today for instant cover. 952 830 843 or 676 098 464. info@euinsurancedirect.com