Three cheers for defeat


I’m over the moon that England lost against the Netherlands on Tuesday night. It was a much needed reality check after the thrilling victory in Berlin three days earlier. Following that game, the hype went annoyingly into overdrive. All of a sudden our team of overpaid and pampered ball kickers was deemed invincible, and those with a shaky grip on reality talked up our chances of bagging Euro 2016.
We’ve been here so many times before. Buoyed up by a few good performances we start to think we’re Brazil in their prime. Yet we know what’s going to happen. Our sporting dreams will be crushed at the first sign of nerves and tough opposition.
I am no football expert, but our defence still looks pretty ropey, something the manager has had months to fix. Then there is the perennial problem that the talent pool from which to pick the national squad is shallow.
I am looking forward to the championship in June, and hope our young lions do well. But I will watch with zero expectations. That way, I keep my blood pressure stable and my health in check. I urge you to do the same.

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