Scraping the bottom of the celebrity barrel


And finally, talentless piece of eye candy Danielle Lloyd has made yet another desperate attempt to cling on to fame. The former Miss England and one-time Celebrity Big Brother contestant underwent a non-surgical butt lift and shared pictures and a video of the treatment with her fans online. They, along with some of the newspapers, lapped it up.
I weep at the amount of positive coverage that Lloyd, Kim Kardashian and others of their ilk receive. They are the worst kind of celebrities, famous only for their willingness to show off their breasts and oiled-up backsides, not for having achieved anything of importance.
They may be empowered and making buckets of money, but they are no role models. Some probably don’t want to be, but such is the media’s obsession with young, fit-looking totty that today’s girls have to search hard for examples for women to aspire to. I would love to see many more column inches devoted to women scientists, writers, doctors, surgeons, CEOs, and heck, even politicians.
Leave the vapid, media-hungry naked and semi-naked celebs for the specialist magazines, and please, let’s have more women of substance to read about.

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