Politicians behaving badly

Labour MP Dennis Skinner was ordered to leave the Commons chamber after his 'dodgy Dave' comment

I’m more than a little hacked off by the juvenile behaviour of some of our politicians. Last week, a handful of Conservative MPs threatened to ‘grind the government to a halt’ because they disagreed with a plan to use taxpayers’ money for a pro-EU leaflet mailshot. Oh grow up and put your toys back in your pram. Debate the issues, pick holes in arguments and strongly make your case. Don’t behave like little brats who can’t get their own way.
More childish behaviour was on show on Monday when Labour’s Dennis Skinner was suspended from the House of Commons for using unparliamentary language. He branded the PM ‘dodgy Dave’ and refused to withdraw the comment when asked to by the speaker. So he was ordered to leave, which meant that Cameron didn’t have to respond to a question about his tax affairs. How does that serve democracy?
Skinner should’ve taken back his remark and carried on probing the PM from his side of the playground, I mean Commons chamber. Instead, he was like a tedious, ill-mannered toddler.
If it wasn’t for the fact that they might enjoy it, I would put some of our politicians over my knee and give them a jolly good spanking. If they want to act like children we should treat them as such.

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