Please, Please No More Farage

Farage last week rushed to the USA with barely contained excitement to try and breathe some life into Donald Trump's flagging campaign

Like many people I was hoping to have seen the back of Nigel Farage after he stood down as leader of UKIP. But there he was last week rushing to the United States with barely contained excitement to try and breathe some life into Donald Trump’s flagging campaign. He gave a speech to a predominantly white crowd in a largely black city in Mississippi.
That the smug face of right-wing extremism elected to share a platform with the bigoted, racist, narcissistic property billionaire speaks volumes about this loathsome leading Brexiter. It was a match made in xenophobic hell as the two have much in common. Their politics is all about anger not of governing (note Farage bailed out after the Brexit vote) and it’s fuelled by race-hating rhetoric, populist ignorance and anti-immigrant sentiments.
It is astonishing that having peddled his warped views to UK voters, Farage is now spreading his dangerous and disingenuous opinions elsewhere. Other countries are welcome to this “pound shop Enoch Powell” as Russell Brand once memorably called him. We don’t want him.

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