Love-Hate Relationship with Ryanair


I’m always in two minds about Ryanair. On one side I have never wanted a company to fail so much because of the arrogance of its CEO, the indifference of its staff, the dismal food, the stupid landing music, the lack of seat pockets, the scratch cards and the constant selling of stuff while you’re trying to get some shuteye. But then again I love the fact that they fly to a zillion locations and really are cheap.
Nonetheless, I smiled a little at the profit warning it issued on Monday. The company has cut its full-year profit guidance by as much as 12% blaming it on the impact of strikes and rising oil prices. I would like to think that this puts them in such a precarious position that they’ll start to bend over backwards for customers to win more of us over, or at least treat us like humans. Sadly, there’s probably fat chance of this happening because they’re still going to be sitting pretty on a yearly profit that is somewhere north of £1 billion.

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