All change for the Pound coin


All change for the Pound coin  Although I prefer paper money, such as the lorry load of cash Costa News sends to me every week for services rendered, I am getting rather excited about the new 12-sided one pounds.
They look great and have a host of interesting features to make them harder to counterfeit, such as a hologram-like image that changes when viewed from different angles. The coins will go into circulation in March 2017, and this week the Treasury advised retailers and other businesses to adapt their equipment and train their staff.
The “tails” side was designed by a schoolboy who beat over 6,000 entries in a competition.
It has a rose, leek, thistle and shamrock symbolising the four nations of the UK. However, depending on Brexit negotiations and whether there is a second Scottish referendum, the Treasury may need to have a plan B up its sleeve.
Along with the new plastic five pound note that can survive a washing machine cycle, this is quite a thrilling time for the money in our pockets and wallets.
At least it is until you try and change anything into euros or dollars. The new coin resembles the old threepenny bit and by the time it comes out will probably be worth about as much.

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