Searching for a middle ground

Bars and residents tackle noise and table space


BAR owners, restaurateurs and residents in Gandia are attempting to come to a mutual agreement over noise-nuisance rules so that the former can continue earning a living and the latter can get some sleep.
A conflict which has still some way to go before being resolved in the beach area, the noise-versus-healthy-trade dilemma also affects the old town, particularly the Raval district and Plaza del Prado.
As well as noise, residents complain about how much space outdoor seating areas take up, but these are necessary to bar-owners in warmer weather, and even in winter so customers can smoke.
Yet the bars themselves say local bye-laws on table space are too restrictive.
A recent meeting, attended and arbitrated by members of the council and Local Police chief Marc Cuesta was held this week between the two parties in order for a debate to be opened face-to-face.

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